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When it comes to cleaning services  we consider our self to the best. Our passion is cleaning hospitals, homes, schools, businesses, offices, and more. We are proud to call ourselves cleaning experts. Our maid service, janitorial services, and maintenance services are guaranteed to provide you with a safe, spotless home or office. Most people are busy people and we know that providing convenient, efficient, and reliable local cleaning services is important to the success of businesses and residents alike.

Apartment Cleaning

RB&G Cleaning Services will make sure your home is neat and tidy no matter what caused the clutter. We can clean up after a party or a big move. Call us today if you don’t have the time for house or apartment cleaning.

Office Cleaning Checklist

RB&G Services  provides office cleaning services that fit your schedule and go above and beyond your expectations for a clean office or workplace. Our customized commercial cleaning checklist will fulfill your specific needs and ensure a healthy, safe environment.

Building Maintanance

RB&G Services can do more than keep your office sanitary and healthy with our cleaning service. We also offer full building maintenance services. Keep your building safe and in good working order by utilizing our reliable building cleaning services.

Janitorial Services

The RB&G janitorial services are second to none and will sanitize any space necessary. We are always available when you need us and we will deliver quality janitorial cleaning services every time. Count on us to be the kings of cleanliness.

Commercial Cleaning

RB&G Janitorial and maid service proudly provide commercial cleaning services to institutions like medical facilities schools, and businesses. We guarantee your space will be tidy and hygienic when we leave.

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We are the foremost professional commercial cleaning service in Wigan Borough. Contact our cleaning experts today for a free quote. We strive for an excellent customer service experience and look forward to making your space spotless.

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 Our office cleaning service can serve you on a monthly, Fortnightly, or weekly schedule and RB&G SERVICES will create a plan that suits your business needs. We know that when it comes to office cleaning, Most businesses are conscious about green energy and environmentally-friendly practices. Busy Bee shares this passion and offers eco-friendly office cleaning service to our clients to make sure that we fulfill your needs and values. 

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 Time is money and RB&G SERVICES can save you a lot of time. Our low cost, well trained professionals will save money in the long run as you can remove cleaning from your busy schedule. Why stress when you can utilize our staff? They have extensive experience in cleaning houses, apartments, and commercial buildings. Turn to us for the safest and cleanest space possible, we know you will be satisfied with our work. All residents are invited to get a free estimate from RB&G Cleaning Services.